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Benefits of Mobile App For Insured/Policyholder


When you think of why a customer might place a higher value on Geico or Progressive than on an agent, the answer may be in the customer’s pocket – AN APP.  With the InsuredMine app, customers can consolidate every single one of their insurance policies, documents and insurance cards, all in one place. This becomes their default insurance app. This gives the Agency, agents and customers a 360 degree view of their insurance portfolio. As we like to say, the value of a portfolio is greater than that of the products.

Smart mobile technology delivers when it matters the most. With your agency branded mobile app, clients will be able to review their policies when they want, connect with you with a click of a button, share your details with friends and families, pay their premium, and much more, all from the comfort of your personal mobile phone be it iOS or Android.

, Benefits of Mobile App For Insured/Policyholder

I believe no one argues the benefits of the Mobile App for agencies if they need to exceed client’s expectations and succeed in double digit growth year after year.. Let’s dive deeper into what you can accomplish with this single yet powerful app.

  1. Policy summaries available for immediate reference: Tracking insurance policies can be troublesome when you have several policies – home, auto, rental, boat, life, umbrella, etc. or maybe a packaged business policies. View all your policy details conveniently to learn more about coverage, payments and carriers. Also, fetch information on premium and maturity for each of the policies.
  1. Instant communication through Chatbots: Our uniquely efficient AI-driven Chatbot, Via (stands for Virtual Insurance Assistant) will differentiate insurance agents from their competition by providing customers – quick and easy access to the information they need typically from insurance agents. Saving you time and providing convenience to clients. Connect VIA mobile chatbot to Request quotes, schedule meetings, ask questions related to policies, or instantly connect with agents without any lag.
  1. Stay updated and never miss a due date: Receive notifications for due dates, newly introduced policies, insurance regulations, and latest service updates.
  1. Payment gateway for your transactions on the go: Pay your insurance premium securely through the app. Single interface payment platform enables a hassle-free experience, cutting the back and forth on the bank apps or carrier portals.
  1. Storehouse of all agent Information  : Find all details of the agent’s nearest  office location, official working hours and service facilities offered by the agency and ways to connect with him.
  1. Home Value Estimation in just a tap:  There are few additional handy tools to help know the market value of your residential or rental property quickly based on home facts, location and market conditions.
  1. Don’t waste time remembering or rethinking events with the Accident checklist: Record all specifications for documentation of accidental claims on the Accident checklist. It covers all vital details, reducing the chances of missing out on essential data.
  1. Know your risk hazards with a risk assessment tool: Through the insurance app, check your risk factors and select the policy accordingly. The assessment process doesn’t take much time anymore, its digital and instant.
  1. Easily share policy cards and documents: Directly upload insurance cards and other policy documents on the app to share with the agency. The physical delivery of documents is a thing of the past.
, Benefits of Mobile App For Insured/Policyholder

The mobile app is a leap in the Digital Insurance segment. Client convenience is at the heart of building this platform. It’s an endeavor to serve the right information at the right time in the right place. Useful propagation of the mobile app can also give you higher returns with the referral program. 

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