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Is business expansion on your mind? Are you getting enough qualified leads for conversion? Do you have an efficient workflow in place or is the day to day routine work heavy, giving less time to focus on important tasks? Selling policies, marketing to the qualified prospects, Underwriting claims and offering extensive customer support at the time of an unfortunate event or otherwise is a long and tedious process. Using sales tools helps resolve these issues by closing deals faster, reducing the time taken for the administrative tasks, recording every interaction with the client thereby ensuring delivering what you commit, boosting client engagement and sales efficiency of the team resulting in increase in sales revenue by 20% or more.

Adapting to the constantly changing market and acknowledging customer requirements for personalized services can come in handy with sales tools. The intangible value of these tools is immensely high, as the insurance business today, thrives on subscription-based Saas solutions or consumption-based cloud services.

Get the technology to work beyond your barriers, overcome your limitations, and explore the digital sales tools for insurance agents that crack the growth code for you.

  1. Analytics Dashboard: Data is worth gold but sometimes it is not that easy to extract/mine gold. Right skills, tools and processes will make it possible. As an agency that has several dimensions of data set that you should be interested in analyzing periodically or even daily. Data is as good as the questions it answers. So ensure you have thought about the right questions including:
    1. How well is my doing? Revenue growth, churt, efficiency, losses, etc.
    2. How well are my Agents and CSR working – output, goals, reviews, feedback,etc.
    3. How good are my clients – price sensitive, aged population, demanding customer service, value concentration, etc
    4. How well are we closing deals – right sales funnel with expertise and product mix, etc.

Developing a dashboard that can help answer the following questions with these four segments in mind will help your great right kind of insight, business intelligence. Several other details including information on lead captured, conversions, active policies, account information, quote to close ratio, and much more is available for drawing comparison as well as analyzing sales data for determining the success of previous drives and predicting future sales trends. Leverage the KPIs, charts, and reports on the dashboard to get the data story in a single view. Dashboard is a key component from a sales tool perspective as it will help measure and manage the vitals of the agency


  1. Customer engagement tools: An engaged customer provides 7x higher customer lifetime value (CLTV).There are several sources, methods and opportunities to engage with clients leveraging omni channel communication. Bulk text and email templates, drip campaigns(sequence of email over a period of time on any specific topic), smart automation (communicate triggers based on business logics), client reviews (NPS scores or google reviews), and feedback tools including surveys or phone calls, prove beneficial in maintaining close relationships with clients. Single sale to a new prospect is definitely important but at the same time, you can never undermine the growth of sales with an expanded purchase by existing clients.
  1. Sales pipeline organizer: Sales is not a binary event with outcome of yes or no in a moment. It is a process and sometimes this can take weeks, months and years to get to its logical conclusion. Building a sales process that is seperated in stages is something that is taught in sales 101. When you add automation and triggers based on time, events and activities then you take it to the next level as these automation will not only make you superhuman who does not miss a moment in a deal and is most organized. Outcome of such automation in the sales funnel is 15-25% in a very short period of time.  This tool is one of the most significant mechanisms in CRM functionality. It also help to create the right visibility and analytics on who is winning, what, when and how. In a short time you will have a deeper understanding of what winning looks like.
  1. Mobile app: The mobile app enables you to share important documents and information with customers, access client location, save vital communication, view policy information anywhere using a smartphone.  Easy access and availability assists in increasing the sales revenue for the agency. Mobile apps are certainly a sales booster as it helps you get closer to the client with real time notifications and information for their access at their convenience.
  1. Agency Website: Agency websites are still one of the best ways to capture new leads. More updated, coherent information shared on websites will create as many opportunities for prospects to connect. A public profile website of the agency furnishes a professional outlook of the agent as well as the agency. You can send people to your own website for the details of services, performance, products and lots more. It captures the essence of agency by providing the latest information on social media, new product updates, sharing documents, agent locations. You can also receive quotes and client reviews on the website. Sales are stimulated by connecting with clients at the right moment, delivering relevant data through the website.
  1. Chatbots: Round the clock availability posted by the chatbots benefit in promoting sales. Artificial intelligence-enabled chatbots to provide answers to frequently asked questions and convey queries for support information in case the answer is unavailable in its directory.  The chatbots also economize on the time and cost of manual labor employed in support services.
, Sales Tools for Insurance Agents

Thus, the sales tools enable you to manage the sales and marketing process with sophisticated and upgraded technology that make your business run smoother.

Explore sales tools from Insuredmine

Insuredmine offers intuitive and integrated sales tools to help your agency covert, engage and retain more clients. Its Sales – Engagement –  Analytics –  Mobility ecosystem not just facilitates the above-mentioned functionalities, but also extends superlative features as discussed below:

  • Client portal: Get the users to view policy information and connect with the agency in a holistic manner with a dedicated platform built for your policyholders.
  • Google Reviews : You can set the reviews right in your profile from leads, prospects, users and other contacts for operational transparency and building trust.
  • Public website with SEO Ranking: The public profile website of the agency is strategically created taking into account the opportunities gained through Search Engine Optimization(SEO).
  • E-business card: This card is linked to the payment gateway module which allows you to receive premium payments securely from policyholders.

This is just the tip of the berg for a glimpse of the Insuredmine Sales tools functionalities. Dive deeper to Sign up for free and find out lots more to optimize and grow your business.

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