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InsuredMine powers Direct Work Comp to be 100% digital workers compensation insurance solution


RICHARDSON, TEXAS, USA, May 26, 2020 / — Direct Work Comp will soon launch in seven Midwest states and will help many businesses gain access to lower-priced workers’ compensation insurance. Businesses will be able to quote and purchase workers compensation policies on their terms. Unique features include the ability for policyholders to manage their payroll online, integrate with a number of payroll providers and receive 24/7 claims services. Direct Work Comp partnered with InsuredMine to provide this digital solution. InsuredMine is a robust sales and marketing automation platform that provides the technology for Direct Work Comp. The integration with InsuredMine will help Direct Work Comp users to get quotes faster than traditional channels.

This collaboration brings excitement and opportunity to Direct Work Comp and InsuredMine users.

“Businesses shouldn’t have to struggle to purchase insurance. The process should be simple and direct and allow for a better workers compensation experience” says Founder Todd Thams. “Our mission is to develop technology to solve business problems and create a customer experience with no friction. This Insurtech Solution is a wonderful display of such collaboration of industry expertise and technical solutioning. ,” says Raution Jaiswal, the Co-founder of InsuredMine.

InsuredMine is an all in one integrated solution helping independent insurance agents optimize and grow their agency by converting, engaging and retaining clients, all while providing a state-of-the-art experience to the agents as well as their customers. Our CRM is a preferred add-on to any AMS and helps agents with sales, engagement, analytics, and mobility through the use of our Agency Portal and Mobile App. InsuredMine offers an omnichannel presence and provides the last mile connectivity.

Direct Work Comp was founded by Todd Thams who was tired of seeing many businesses overpay for worker’s compensation insurance. His experience helps small companies streamline the purchase of insurance and large companies reduce costs through experience mod analysis and cost-cutting techniques. Direct Work Comp is headquartered in Des Moines, IA. You can visit the website at

InsuredMine Inc. is located in Richardson, Texas

To learn more about InsuredMine Agency Software, please call the company at 1.469.616.1821 or visit the InsuredMine Web site at:

Raution Jaiswal
+1 503-383-4791
email us here
Visit us on social media: Facebook Twitter

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