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Podcast: EPISODE. 139 of Spot on Insurance


Nov.19, 2019 Insuredmine Co-founder Raution Jaiswal interacts with Spot on Insurance hosts Ted and Arleen about why Insuredmine was formed and the pain points it deals with so the agencies can gain absolute advantage from it.

, Podcast: EPISODE. 139 of Spot on Insurance

Bringing up the highlights from his early years of educational background and industry experience, Raution shares how he and his team were off to make a simple app for viewing policies in one window to maturing into a Tech solutions provider for agencies.

Capture the sweet spot on Insuredmine check-in the details of what it is all about, how agencies can have an edge with it and what makes it stand out against the competition.

Bottom line fusion protein from this podcast for you:

  • Insuredmine Facilitates incredible communication services between client and customer at the agency level through phone, text, email, and chatbots.

  • The Insurance app provides promising sales escalation, customer engagement tools, supports decision making with real-time substantial analytics and mobile accessibility from any region.

  • Automation technology empowers chatbots to respond quickly to basic queries.

  • There is a 60% chance of the same customer buying auto insurance if he already has got home insurance from you.

Podcast was originally posted here – Click here for podcast


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