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Podcast: Insuretech Connect 2019


Oct 4, 2019: Raution Jaiswal, CEO of Insuredmine in an interview with Arleen and Ted Taveras from Spot on Insurance at the Insuretech Connect 2019. This podcast is about the innovation possibilities in Agency Management Systems that will help insurance agents to make their work simpler and easier down to just 3 clicks for accomplishing a task.

, Podcast: Insuretech Connect 2019

Agencies benefit in many ways with Insuredmine’s automated solutions. The agency portal and mobile app not only link the current AMS but also furnish additional features for analytics, information updates and a lot more. It’s also a base to gather prospect/client info from the agency ecosystem consisting of feeds from the website, AMS, Facebook, and all the other domains the agency is linked to.

 A quick inside talk on how to achieve retention of 92%- 95% and increase customer cross-sales by 15-20%. A lot can be discovered in terms of engineering progress and customer prerogatives.

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