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How Hawksoft AMS and InsuredMine CRM is a powerful SaaS Duo

hawksoft AMS and InsuredMine CRM


We recently had the opportunity to talk with Kenny, the Director of Partner Integrations at Hawksoft, during a webinar reviewing the power of Hawksoft and InsuredMine working together. We covered the smart way to optimize and grow your agency using these two systems to efficiently work and manage your efforts. Read below to learn about some of the main problems that many agents are facing, and how Hawksoft and InsuredMine is a powerful duo.


Problems That Insurance Agents Face


Below are a few of the problems that many insurance agents face when it comes to managing their book of business and generating new business as well.


Manual, Unstructured Process


Many agents have systems and processes that are manual and unstructured, leaving for a complicated workflow, messy data, and problems with scaling.

With the power of Hawksoft and InsuredMine, you’ll be able to keep items from falling through the cracks and make the most of your software investments. When you begin to scale your business, your automated systems and processes will be there to support you every step of the way.


Sales and Marketing Automation and Pipeline Automation


Agents often struggle to automate their sales and marketing efforts because they lack the tools, time, and training. Too often, this means insurance agents struggle to win new business, renew existing business, and cross-sell or up-sell their customers to different plans. Or worse, errors and omissions abound because the agent is juggling too many balls at once.

With the Hawksoft and InsuredMine duo, an insurance agent can build automation and triggers around certain events in their pipeline, whether that is their new business pipeline or renewal pipeline, to be as efficient as possible. This helps insurance agents scale their time and continue to be efficient with their workflows.


Messy And Unclear Data Reporting


To grow your business as an insurance agent, you’ll want to understand your business and make data-driven decisions. With an outdated CRM or an AMS that doesn’t allow for data visualization and reporting, you could be left in the dark, missing key data that could you grow your agency.

Whatever data point you’re looking for, be it upcoming renewals or current pipeline value, the InsuredMine and Hawksoft duo can help you see it clearly. Since the data is synced from Hawksoft to InsuredMine at the click of a button, you’ll have reliable and actionable data at your fingertips to make smart business decisions instead of gut-level reactions.

Integration and Efficiency


TechNavio recently reported that insurance agencies use more than 15 different software to manage their business, and with InsureTech projected to grow nearly 7.5 billion dollars by 2025, this problem will likely get even messier.

Do you use any combination of these tools?

CRM, marketing automation, quote-to-bind, billing, AMS, policy engine, certificate management, claims handling, email, analytics, task management, etc.

Stop. You can manage all this and more with the power of Hawksoft and InsuredMine working together in harmony. The data you get from Hawksoft will seamlessly flow into your InsuredMine CRM to fuel your go-to-market activities.


The Current AMS Is Too Cumbersome


Today, when insurance agents are looking at switching AMS platforms or at the integrations that their platform offers, often they find that their current AMS is both cumbersome and lacking the integrations they need to grow their business.

However, our integration with Hawksoft solves that problem. Our Integration helps both parties, as both InsuredMine and Hawksoft get to better serve their customer base.


Watch The Full Webinar Below



Wrap Up


Like Kenny said in the webinar, the integration between Hawksoft and InsuredMine is, “like a rotisserie chicken … you set it and forget it.” The Hawksoft and InsuredMine integration for insurance agents is a one-two punch that allows insurance agents to use InsuredMine CRM to grow their businesses to new heights. What better combination is there than two systems, purely focused on the Insurance industry, who have set their sights on helping agents win and retain customers?               

Independent insurance agencies are moving forward at rocket speed when it comes to technology investments and software adoption. Is your agency lagging behind or ready for launch? Try InsuredMine’s all-in-one CRM solution to grow your insurance agency, and start your personalized onboarding experience today.



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