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Email Marketing For Insurance Agents: The Starter Guide

Email Marketing For Insurance Agents


Email marketing provides insurance agents with opportunities to build trust and familiarity among current clients and prospects, ensuring they’ll be top of mind with both their prospects and customers. From follow-up emails to onboarding emails and even cold emails, this blog will walk through some common examples of how insurance agents might use email marketing to grow their book of business.


How Do Insurance Agents Benefit From Email Marketing?


Email marketing is an essential part of any digital strategy. When it comes to selling insurance, email marketing can be an extremely powerful tool. 

If you’re an insurance agent, your email campaigns can help in a few different ways. They can help generate followers for your social media accounts, continue to generate top of mind awareness with your customers, and even help convert those prospects into new accounts.

Email campaigns also serve as a way to stay connected with customers after sales are made because these individuals often want reminders when there’s something important happening related to what they purchased such as annual renewal notices. And for the agent’s benefit, email provides up-sell and cross-sell opportunities among other benefits.

Keep reading to learn about some of the different types of email campaigns that you could be sending, and how they’ll benefit your agency.


7 Common Insurance Email Campaigns


Email marketing is constantly evolving. There are so many different ways to use email campaigns to your advantage. The following are examples of the most common types of email campaigns that insurance agents can send out, but there are many more outside of this list as well.


1. Welcome Email Campaigns

Welcome emails are a great way to welcome new customers to your agency. Whether there is an onboarding form you’d like them to fill out, or the next steps to get everyone on the same page, a welcome email campaign is a great tool to use as an insurance agent.


2. Follow-Up Email Campaigns

Follow-up email campaigns are sent to your leads or customers at certain intervals. Most of these emails include tips and information related to what the consumer signed up for. Insurance advice is a great follow-up because many people do not have anyone else to turn to with questions about insurance. The primary reason insurance agents use follow-up emails is to convert potential customers into paying customers.


3. Birthday Email Campaigns

Birthday email campaigns are a way to reach out in a new and meaningful way. You can easily do this by customizing an email for your client’s birthday or anniversary. This is something they will not be expecting from you, so it will automatically make them think of you on their special day.


4. Event Email Campaigns

Event email campaigns are a great way to promote new happenings in your business. You can also use them for anything from a holiday sale, to simply something going on in your community where your client could benefit. The turnout of your events is a great way to gauge what the interests of your clients are and what they may be looking for.


5. Season’s Greetings Email Campaigns

These types of email campaigns work great to connect with your clients during the holiday. You can reach out during the holiday season, whether it is Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa to wish them a happy holiday season.


6. Reminder Email Campaigns

Reminder email campaigns are sent in order to remind your customers of something that they need to take care of such as an annual renewal or pending life insurance quote. They are also used when a customer has an outstanding balance. 


7. Cold Emails

Cold emailing is when you email a prospect who doesn’t know who you are. The primary goal of sending out cold emails is to get the recipient interested in learning more about your business because they don’t know you yet. Since cold emails can often be confused with spam, it’s important to do this with your prospect in mind, and don’t abuse the privilege of sending cold emails.

Check out this InsuredMine resource for a more complete list of email campaign examples!


Three Steps to Get Started With Email Marketing for Your Insurance Agency


All email campaigns need a plan. Here is an effective three-step process you can follow.


1. Decide on What Your Goals Are

We recommend starting with your ideal customer, and what they expect from an insurance agency. Then try to deliver it with each campaign that you send out. If you’re confused on what your customers are interested in reading about then don’t hesitate to ask them directly.


2. Make Your Email Campaign Contextual

Make sure that you include the appropriate information regarding the season or time of year so your recipients will be able to tell immediately if your email is relevant to them or not. If you’re promoting something related to a special event, make sure there’s a link where your recipients can find more details. It’s a good idea to make your email copy short and simple, but more importantly, make it relevant to what is going on in their lives or your business.


3. Create Your Template for Each Campaign

You’ll need to find software that allows you to create emails without becoming a technical expert yourself. The easiest way to do this is by using a drag-and-drop editor with templates already included. If you’re looking for something more advanced, there are also options available where you can choose from hundreds of professionally designed templates based on various industries. You can learn more about InsuredMine’s templates here.


How Do You Know If It’s Working


Now that you know a few different types of email campaigns, and a few steps to get started, it’s time to determine how you’ll measure the impact of your Email Marketing Campaigns. Here are a few results that will likely happen as you start to implement email marketing as an insurance agent.


Referrals from Existing Customers

When email marketing is done right, you should be staying top of mind with a majority of your current customers. If that’s the case, they will think of you not only when they need help, but when a close friend or family mentions they’re looking for an insurance agent. By staying top of mind with your current customers, you will likely see an increase in referrals as well.


Generating Leads

An important result of email marketing for many insurance agents is an increase in new customers. Many insurance agents do not stay top of mind through their email marketing efforts, so when you begin to do exactly that, you’ll stand out amongst the competition.


Retaining and Upselling Existing Customers

The last result you’ll likely see from your email marketing efforts is an increase in the number of customers that continue to renew contracts with you. When that happens, you’ll also have a chance to upsell those customers on different services.


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