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InsuredMine is proud of our partnerships with other key players in the insurance agency software space. Our integration partnerships both into InsuredMine and from InsuredMine into other insurance software platforms like your insurance agency management system are what sets us apart from our competitors. 

We caught up with one of our integration partners,, who enables insurance agencies to design and implement meaningful and results-bearing direct mail campaigns that actually move the needle in terms of revenue. We talked with the Director of Training at, Shawn Moody so that our customers could learn more about what they do and how it fits into the InsuredMine platform so that you can utilize it to boost your agency’s sales efforts.

Here’s what we learned from Shawn.


What Is offers handwritten direct mail, sent digitally from you and by mail from They empower insurance agencies to send thoughtful direct mail for any occasion including birthdays and anniversaries by using a handwriting engine to create realistic handwriting. 

Additionally, has all the tools you need, like Canva integration, to create excellent postcards designs that will get your recipient’s attention and entice them to do business with your agency.  You can send your postcards to production via Google Chrome and your email, and you can set up automated direct mail campaigns within InsuredMine. 

All of these tools come together to give you real-world results. When you have a clean hallmark-like design and a clear call to action, you’ll see excellent engagement from your recipients. The average response rate among users is anywhere from 6% to 20%. That’s huge when you consider most cold sales outreaches yield a response rate of just 1-2%.

The main thing to keep in mind with this approach to marketing is that your customer’s physical mailbox does not have any type of spam filter. That’s what produces these results. 

Now, let’s take a look at InsuredMine is and how fits into the InsuredMine CRM as part of your insurance agency software stack.


What Is InsuredMine?


InsuredMine is the most integrated and efficient CRM within the insurance agency software space. InsuredMine helps insurance agencies accomplish the three critical business goals of converting, engaging, and retaining clients. It helps you convert both prospects and complete strangers to clients. It also helps you nurture both your prospects and current clients along their sales journey whether that’s signing on with your agency for the first time or buying additional lines of insurance through cross-selling and upselling. 

InsuredMine helps you accomplish these three goals by working either as an add-on component to your current insurance agency software stack like your insurance Agency Management System (AMS) or as a stand-alone component to drive sales and revenue. Using InsuredMine CRM to facilitate your marketing automation and pipeline management brings more customers into your agency while also increasing the rate at which you are converting your prospects to clients and then nurturing and retaining them for years to come.


How Works Within InsuredMine CRM


Okay. You know what is and what InsuredMine CRM does. Now let’s focus on the benefits you receive by pairing the two together through integration within your insurance agency software stack on InsuredMine. The best way to showcase this is by walking through a demo. Shane showed us a good example by breaking down the process of creating a Happy Birthday card on and then sending it through the Inusredmine CRM.


Design Your Birthday Card in


You can design your birthday card in either through a premade template or through the Canva integration. Save your design for the front of your card (called the image template) and open the computer handwriting engine to create your message for the back of the card (called the message template). There are a ton of options to choose from for your card’s handwriting style. Shane recommends going with something thin and realistic.’s handwriting engine varies the pen pressure and line angle for each individual card giving it a truly authentic look and feel. 

You will be able to preview exactly what your card looks like after you enter your messaging including addresses, postage, and handwriting style.


Upload Your Birthday Card Into Insuredmine


Once you have your card designed, all that’s left to do is to upload it into InsuredMine and send it to your client. Pro tip – set up birthday card automation with the same message, card design, type of card, and when to send it on InsuredMine so you can send your clients a card on their birthday with the click of one button in the automation tab on InsuredMine.

Ready to see in action inside InsuredMine? ​​Sign up for a free demo today, and experience the #1 Insurance CRM on the market.


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