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What’s In Your Insurance Agency’s Technology Tool Kit?

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In today’s insurance world, agencies must have a digital-first approach and understand the end-to-end customer experience. You need to connect multiple sources of data to create a complete 360-degree view of your clients and their insurance needs. That’s why you need a CRM that will go along with your existing insurance Agency Management System (AMS).

This blog will recap what we covered in our recent webinar on the tool kit the insurance agency software your agency needs to succeed and how InsuredMine fits perfectly into your insurance agency software stack for lead generation and sales. 

Our conversation here will cover:

  • Insurance Agency Management Systems (AMS) and why they are a central component to your agency.
  • The role your CRM plays in your insurance agency software stack and how InsuredMine can boost your agency’s efficiency to grow your revenue and improve your client retention.
  • How both your insurance agency management systems and great technology partners like InsuredMine should be frequently used in tandem to help grow your agency.

Let’s get started. 


Insurance Agency Management System

Your insurance agency software like your insurance agency management system makes it easy to manage all aspects of your insurance agency including policy management, accounting, payroll, and team management. These are some of the most important tasks within your agency and deploying the right AMS platform can streamline them through automation while giving you that 1000 ft view that you need to keep track of the output of you and the agents that work for you. 

With the robust nature of your insurance agency management software, you may be wondering if you need a CRM. If you want to grow your agency’s revenue, then the answer is yes. 

Let’s take a look at why you still need a CRM within your insurance agency management system and why InsuredMine is the best option within the insurance agency software space.


InsuredMine Insurance Agency CRM 

While your insurance agency management system is highly beneficial for managing your internal affairs like accounting, payroll, and your team, it is likely too broad to be effective for your sales efforts. Insurance CRMs like InsuredMine work within your existing insurance agency management system to hone in on certain aspects of your agency with a laser focus that you won’t get from your insurance agency management system. The biggest and most important aspect that Insuredmine offers is sales tools like marketing automation, lead generation, sales outreach, pipeline management, and direct marketing through digital means. When it comes to sales offerings from insurance agency CRMs, you won’t find a more effective CRM than InsuredMIne. 


Insurance Agency Software Partnership 

Here’s the thing – many insurance agency management systems are all-encompassing jacks of all trades but masters of none. This means that they do a lot but with very little depth. On the flip side, a CRM tends to be too focused to manage every component of your agency. Insurance agency software systems and CRMs are best used in an insurance agency software partnership. A CRM like InsuredMine and your preferred insurance agency management system will enable you to be wholly effective with critical insurance agency components like lead generation, sales, and marketing, as well as non-sales tasks like accounting, payroll, and team management. InsuredMine is the most effective sales CRM within the insurance agency software space and it’s also the most integrative so you can plug it directly into your existing insurance agency management system.


Ready to experience the best CRM in the insurance agency software space? Sign up for a free demo today, and experience the #1 Insurance CRM on the market. 

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