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InsuredMine Debuts eSignature Feature

InsuredMine Debuts


InsuredMine has created its very own eSignature feature to expand its productivity solutions and help insurance agents achieve better customer experiences.


DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, April 25, 2022 – InsuredMine, the industry leading insurance CRM platform announced the release of its very own eSignature feature. This feature allows insurance agents to digitally send and sign legal documents directly from InsuredMine, saving time and streamlining processes.

Thousands of insurance agents already use InsuredMine to manage their insurance agency through cloud-based software. The addition of the eSignature feature will make it easy for insurance agents to create and manage effortless and secure electronic signatures within InsuredMine where they already complete most of their sales and service workflow automation.

“My vision is to continuously work towards building the software that allows all users (anyone in the agency or their clients) to connect seamlessly, enjoy working in the software while growing their business and becoming more efficient. Features are like Legos that you continuously tinker or add new pieces to make the whole Lego better. eSignature is a step towards the vision” as mentioned by our CEO, Raution Jaiswal.

InsuredMine eSignature feature allows customers to improve document management so they can focus on the most crucial aspects of their business including, enhancing customer experience, increasing sales and growing their book of business, closing deals faster, and saving money by easily managing document sharing across clients – all without leaving the InsuredMine platform.

With eSignature by InsuredMine, insurance agents can:
– Sign documents and request electronic signatures at any time
– Choose signature requirement from other parties
– Track the status of eSignature requests
– Automate electronic signature requests, follow up and manage documents
– Have a complete audit trail by IP address and count on view, open, signed and complete!

As digitalization continues to surge, InsuredMine has been quick to release eSignature to offer best-in-class workflow automation solutions with the introduction of eSignature. At the heart of InsuredMine, are their customers. The eSignature is a product of the bright ideas of their users. The InsuredMine eSignature feature enhancement is currently in its early stages and comments and feedback are welcome. InsuredMine is always improving; always growing.

About InsuredMine

InsuredMine is an all-in-one sales automation driven platform for agencies, brokers and aggregators offering metrics and analytics data visualizations, sales, marketing, phone payments, reviews, forms, eSignature and much more. Get the most out of customer relationships through proactive pipeline management, engagement, and communication.

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