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Why use an insurance specific CRM?

The Why


Have you ever wondered why a professional basketball player doesn’t use a football to shoot free throws?  Ever wondered why a tennis player doesn’t use a baseball bat to try to hit winners cross-court?  Why a hockey player isn’t hitting a cricket bat to score goals?  Because just like sports, technology isn’t a one size fits all game.


Just like sports equipment, the tech you use should be specific to your game, which is your industry… and if you’re reading this blog it’s insurance.


You may be asking yourself, why don’t I go with Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Dynamics or any of the other big “players” out there?  Well… you’ve come to the right place.


This blog will tell you exactly why you will want to go with an insurance specific CRM like Insuredmine.




Insuredmine integrates with 10+ other insurance specific solutions including the heavy majority of agency management systems.  Today, using an integrated CRM and agency management system is table stakes, so why go with any that don’t?

We are building for insurance… only!


Last year Insuredmine launched 700+ features, the heavy majority were customer requests from independent agencies just like you.  We will always be building toward you and not in the direction of other industries.

Set-up time


Insuredmine saves you time on set-up.  With other systems, you’ll end up building out custom objects for things like x-dates, renewals, premium… really anything insurance specific.  With Insuredmine, these are pre-built and the architecture and mapping is already built into the system.



Can you imagine having a Spanish teacher try to teach you Biology?  It’s the same as getting support/training on a system from somebody who doesn’t understand insurance.  Most of the larger companies above actually send you to a 3rd party to implement/train.  Insuredmine is full of caring/knowledgeable people to help you onboard/train and find ongoing success with the platform.



Imagine building out reports and dashboards from custom fields that you have to set up and augment yourself.  You better hope you have a full time staff member dedicated completely to this.  With Insuredmine you have 50+ dashboards, reports that you can turn on in the snap of a finger, that are all insurance specific.

Price & Multiple Platforms in One

Insuredmine not only offers a CRM but marketing automation, scheduling, forms, dashboards, google reviews and a plethora of other go-to-market tools all in one platform.  Building this stack

could cost you $250-$500/user/month and likely won’t be fully integrated.  Save yourself the headache… and the big burden on the budget.


Just like you… we are passionate about insurance and eat, sleep and breathe it everyday.  Hope this blog post helped share the value of working with an insurance specific solution.


-written by Tucker Hood, Head of Sales @ Insuredmine

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