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InsureTech Connect 2018 (ITC2018): InsuredMine Perspective -It’s a half bitten Apple


We all know the success story of the half bitten Apple.  At InsuredMine we are not kidding when we draw the analogy with what happened at Insuretech Connect 2018 (ITC2018). Despite a complete experience with two days of exposure, meetings, and attending sessions, we know we only took a bite of the apple; we know there is so much more to explore and experience, but most importantly, to learn and grow.

With a constant influx of visitors at the InsuredMine kiosk, we were flabbergasted with the interest in our products and were overwhelmed with joy and pumped with energy to continue to work even harder. It was an experience like none other when people came to us saying that they were referred by others to ‘go and check their product’ simply because our product was a one of its kind.

Engaging in conversations with entrepreneurs, tech gurus, investors, and other industry incumbents provided us with a deeper and more focused approach to what we can further achieve. Our strategy certainly resonates with words of Becky Downing, CEO at Buzzvault; “There are many benefits to working with incumbents – partnerships between agile startup Insurtechs and strong insurance companies can bring fantastic benefits. But there are challenges and we need to understand each other.”

Rick Chavez, partner, Oliver Wyman stated, ‘Big things come from small things systematically pursued.’ At InsuredMine, we take pride in our humble beginnings with a handful of extremely driven and like-minded enthusiasts trying to make a difference in the world of insurtech. We toiled days and nights and across time zones to come up with our product to solve the common problem any insurance agent is faced with-to have better relationships with their customers and to improve their book of business with the help of simple technology. As Rick Chavez also stated, ‘Best talent wants to go to best problems,’ we focused our energies into solving this common, yet unresolved global issue faced by agents worldwide. We are well aware that technology is becoming increasingly mobile and is attracting ecosystems from across the globe showing no signs of slowing down. It is also, for this reason, technology is very susceptible to market shifts. We are certainly on our toes to keep up with these rapidly changing dynamics.

The feedback and suggestions provided at our live demos at ITC2018 are invaluable to the growth and transformation of our products. Creating a product is no longer an achievement. Developing a solution that can be adopted and implemented globally is the goal. Only the best talent stands the test of time and this is proof that ‘insurtech is drawing talent into the insurance industry.’

ITC2018 insuretech insuredmine, InsureTech Connect 2018 (ITC2018): InsuredMine Perspective -It’s a half bitten Apple
InsuredMine Live Demo

InsuredMine has made great waves at ITC2018 (check out our previous blog on Insuretech Connect 2018 and 2017). The interest from Investors, Carriers, and Technology companies alike has far surpassed our expectations and we are overwhelmed with the response. We consider what we have achieved so far to be just the tip of an iceberg. The magnitude of what lies ahead of us is not yet scalable. But we will continue to increase our pace and extend our horizons to be a market leader in insurtech and beyond.

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