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  • Agency Portal: The Sales, Engagement, and Analytics power-house of the InsuredMine system. The Agency Portal is connected with your management system to bring you a deeper understanding of your business and to give you tools to bridge the gap between your current system and your current needs.
  • Customer Portal: This is an online portal for policyholders where they can see and manage their insurance portfolio, whether a policy is with your agency or not. Policies with your agency will automatically show when they register because we are connected with your management system.
  • Accounts: An account can represent a business, a couple, or an individual. Within an account you can have contacts such as “Jim” and “Mary Jane” and then policies within the account are mapped to a contact within the account.
  • Contacts: The Contacts module is the Rolodex or phone book for your agency, it can be comprised of active clients, inactive clients, prospects, or even carrier partners, such as underwriters, if desired.
  • Account 360: This is where information for a particular account is stored. The Overview screen provides broad information about the account such as specific contacts, number of policies each contact has, premium values, etc. Also within the Account 360 are documents, email, text, and chat conversations, and records regarding the account’s involvement in the Deal Board.
  • Chatbot (VIA)This is an artificially intelligent assistant, named Via (virtual insurance assistant), who can help gather information for quoting, can direct clients regarding customer service needs, and more generally serves as a 21st-century ambassador of goodwill for your agency.
  • Auto Task List: The Auto Task List is composed of incoming requests from the Mobile App or system-generated alerts for things such as renewals.
  • Deal Board: The Deal Board is an all-encompassing sales pipeline tool with integrated email and text, with collaboration tools between the agency and the prospect as well as within the agency. With reporting and features to promote productivity and accountability, this is one of InsuredMine’s most popular features.
  • WidgetsA widget is how InsuredMine brings clarity and understanding to the mass of buried information within Agency Management Systems. InsuredMine’s dashboard widgets are intuitive, far-reaching, and easy to use so that a wealth of knowledge and inferences can be had within just a few clicks.
  • AutomationThe process of shifting manual work of an individual on to an intelligent software system to streamline processes and reduce costs.
  • Drip Campaign: A drip campaign is a series of messages sent at different times with the purpose of disseminating information, promoting sales, or outreach to specific recipients. The InsuredMine Agency Portal has an advanced set of drip campaign tools and a wide-ranging template library for agency use.

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