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Select Multiple contacts

In this article, you will learn:

You can select multiple contacts and perform 7 specific actions as mentioned below:

  • Delete
  • Assign drip
  • Add Tags
  • Add deals
  • Add ratings
  • Add X date
  • Add Disposition
  • Assign Agents

Work easily, without individually processing each task related to the contact. For instance, if you need to remove 4 contacts from your list, you can simply select the contacts by clicking the count under the’ # ‘ column on the extreme left-hand side of the contact module and then selecting the delete option from the pop-up window that appears. Multiple Select functionalities enable you to perform similar actions for multiple contacts at once.

  1. Select the contacts by clicking on the checkbox
  2. Choose any of the following Actions from the pop-up window that appears :
  • Delete – To remove contacts from the list, select delete.
  • Assign Drip – To start a drip campaign for the selected contacts, select the Drip name and click assign.
  • Add tags – To add tags to the contacts, to segment and categorize them by tag, eg. Contact source (Realtor)for specific identification. You can simply add tags from the list or create a new one by clicking the ‘Create a new Tag’ button.
  • Add deals – To assign deals you need to select a pipeline, select the stage on which the contact is to be added and pin a due date to it.
  • Add Ratings – Another way to segment contacts is by rating them by their value to the organization.
  • Add X Date- To add X date for connecting with contacts and advantageously utilizing an opportunity, select X date in mm-dd-yyyy format and click Save.
  • Add Disposition- To add disposition like call back or follow up, select the type of disposition and click Save.

Enhancement:  June 2021

Select multiple contacts

You can select 1 contact, all 50 contacts on the current page, or all contacts in your contact module.

  1. One contact – To select one contact just click on the checkbox at the extreme right of the contact you want to select.
  2. All 50 current page Contacts – To select all 50 contacts of the current page, click on the checkbox at the header (right to the header: Name)
  3. All Contact in the contact module – Once you have selected the header checkbox, you will find a line above the header prompting you to select all contacts and by clicking on that you will have selected all contacts on all pages of the contact module.

When a contact is unchecked after pressing Select all icon, the option for Clear selection appears.

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