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Pool Safety Items That May Lower Your Insurance

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To imagine summers without pool is painting an incomplete picture of having fun in the sun. Who would not want to beat the heat by cooling themselves in the pool? If your only access to the pool is via your club, then you have no safety concerns and you will not have to do anything for its safety and care. But if you own a pool, the luxury of swimming is all yours and so is its safety. Swimming pools make for good assets as they also improve home equity if you keep them well maintained. (To know about 10 upgrades that can add equity to your home, wait for my next blog.) As much as it is beautiful, pools have their own concerns of safety. To stay well covered on pool safety, you must know what safety items you need to have to make your swimming pool a protected experience. Here is a list of pool safety items that you many not know about, which may also help you lower your homeowner insurance rates:

1. Swimming Pool Alarms

The pool alarm rings when a child is near the pool, or if a stranger or any animal gets inside. This helps in raising alertness when the alarm sirens. The alarm may come with adjustable sound range and alarm duration control. The various types of alarms are perimeter alarms, pressure sensitive alarms, gate alarms, and wearable alarms. The perimeter alarm and the wearable alarms are most common.

safetyturtle swimming pool alarm

The wearable alarm could be used by kids even on other aquatic activities outside the home.

2. Swimming Pool Safety Barriers

Pool barriers can be Pool fences (Pool fences are made of steel rods, aluminum, mesh or vinyl; with features like lockable doors, removable by adults, non climbable by kids), Pool enclosures/ covers (Covers are great safety items as they can also help in energy savings, water conservation, and reduce cleaning time as leaves can’t easily enter the pool. Pool enclosures also work as a solar blanket, keeping away insects and animals), and drain covers (Drain traps can lead to drowning; so it is important to have a proper drain cover. It usually expires in 5-7 years, so a periodical change of the fixture is equally important).

Swimming Pool Safety Barrier

3. Swimming pool safety rescue equipment and accessories

Pool Safety Ring Buoy

This life doughnut – when thrown at a drowning person – can provide him the buoyancy to float and the rope lets the rescuer pull the person without going in the water.

Water Help Lifesaver Rescue Life Buoy Ring Pool Safety
Water Help Lifesaver Rescue Life Buoy Ring Safety

Inflatable Swim Vest

These are meant specifically for kids to help them float with free movement in backyard pool.

pool safety vest

Pet Pool Ramps

There are pet swim vests available for pets that hang around with the family in the water and having a pet pool ramp gives pets and small animals that accidentally fall into the pool an easy escape from the water.

pet pool ramp

Pool Hooks

These hooks fit under the drowning person’s arms and help in aiding rescue by providing a good hold for pulling him/her out of water.

Pool Hook

4. Pool Safety rules

Having pool safety rule signs also serve as a good warning. It is very good reminder for party guests if you are throwing a pool party.

Pool Safety Rules shares some good rules: Read here

5. Adult Supervision

Whether a kid knows how to swim or not, adult supervision is a must. It requires complete focus without the distraction of phones or any side conversations. Make sure kids are not near the drain and keep away toys for more safety. When hosting a party where many kids will be attending, it is a good idea to hire lifeguards so, if the hosts are busy, the host can still maintain pool safety.

Active Adult Supervision

Pool safety is important, see below to understand why. For more, check out this great reference from

Where do pool injuries occur

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