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Travel Safety During the Holidays


One of my favorite quotes is “it’s rude to keep vacation waiting.”

Whether it is for the holidays or just a sudden urge to go somewhere, I always have my bags packed and feet in my shoes ready to take off.  Given my love of travel, it is inherent to my nature to make sure all my trips are easy, safe, and manageable.  How do I do it?  I’ll share my well mastered tips right here, so read on.

Travel safety tips

  1. If you are taking a road trip, make sure your vehicle is in good condition.
  2. Pack an emergency preparedness kit for the vehicle.
  3. Share your travel plans with a family member or a friend that can be reached during emergencies.
  4. Check the weather forecast for your travel route and plan for alternate routes in case of inclement weather.
  5. Rest well the day or night before so you can be awake and alert on the drive.
  6. Follow all safety rules, and most importantly, buckle up and drive sober.
  7. Avoid distractions such as cell phones and pay complete attention to the road.
  8. Stop as frequently as needed to rest and rotate drivers. Tired drivers do not always make good judgement thus endangering the lives of the passengers and other drivers on the road.
  9. If you have car trouble, pull off the road as far as possible and wait in the car until help arrives.

Safety for winter weather travel

  1. Keep the vehicle’s gas tank full for emergency use and to keep the fuel line from freezing.
  2. In case of a breakdown, start the vehicle and use the heater for about 10 minutes every hour. Keep the exhaust pipe clear so fumes won’t back up in the vehicle.
  3. Tie a brightly colored fabric on the outside of the vehicle for rescuers to see.
  4. Leave the overhead light on when the engine is running to help rescuers see the vehicle.
  5. Keep one window slightly open – away from the blowing wind – to let in fresh air.

Safety when you fly

  1. Avoid the germs! Every surface you touch is likely touched by others. Avoid unnecessary touching of your face or eyes.
  2. Carry a hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes and sanitize frequently.
  3. Remember to pack lighter. With airlines charging a leg and an arm to haul luggage these days, this will also let you save some money.
  4. Handle your own belongings as much as possible.
  5. Pack your own pillows and blankets to reduce the spread of germs.
  6. If you have to cough or sneeze, do so into a tissue or your sleeve.

While we cannot completely eliminate all emergencies and disasters from happening, following these basic safety trips during the busy travel season will ensure that we reach our destination safely.  Make travel safety your priority this holiday season and enjoy the holidays with your family and friends as you have long planned.

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