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What is InsuredMine and why do I need it?




You may be wondering what InsuredMine is, what the heck we do and why you might need an integrated CRM/marketing automation platform to your agency management system.


Well, you are in luck and you’ve come to the right place.


To tell the story and the value, we need to start in the beginning.  In the early days (late 70s, early 80s) the primary need for agencies was to help with accounting and thus Redshaw by Agena was born.  From there, other systems spawned and functionality grew but really only to focus on policies, commissions and their original goal, account.  Without going into the full story here, you can read more about The Evolution of The Agency Management System here.  What we can take away from this, is that the agency management system is absolutely necessary for an agency of any size but it only solves a fraction of the needs it has.


Enter the 2000s and beyond and the market has begun to shift.  The internet is growing, increased competition is everywhere, it’s harder to find talent, retaining our customers is more difficult and our competition is investing heavily into sales/marketing technology and strategy.  It’s enough to keep you up at night and decrease your potential for growth all at the same time.  It leads us to ask ourselves the question, are we evolving at the rate insurance is?


Now look at 2018, InsuredMine comes to market with a simple vision and goal, to turn your policy oriented agency into a sales/marketing savvy business.  With InsuredMine, you become the hero of your own story with a fully-integrated go-to-market platform alongside your agency management system.


With all the new challenges you are facing and more to come, you need additional help to increase conversion/retention rates, round accounts, do more with less (automate) and save your employees time on repetitive tasks to allow them to spend more time doing their actual job everyday.

Feel free to check out this 10 minute demo of InsuredMine or book a demo here with one of our product specialists here to see how agencies large and small are changing their game.


-written by Tucker Hood, Head of Sales @ Insuredmine

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