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What is the IAOA Innovation 2021 Conference?

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As I started my journey to learn about this conference called IAOA Innovation 21 which I will be attending November 4th, 5th & 6th, my first step was to figure out what the heck IAOA meant. Answer: Insurance Agency Owners Alliance. Next, maybe it’s because I’m a marketer, but I went to follow all the relevant social media channels to get a feel for the event, people, and the IAOA organization as a whole.

If you have not followed the IAOA social media channels, here’s an easy way to that: 

By the way, here is InsuredMine at the last event so you’ll know us when you see us.

It did not take long before I understood why about 8000 independent insurance agency owners in the United States are IAOA members. It’s the quality value they offer in support, guidance and community combined with solid ethics that ring out in every public touch I’ve seen them put out to the world. 

Next, I needed to understand why this conference is called Innovation so I checked out the IAOA website section entitled Vendors, and it quickly became apparent that this empathy for the challenge of running an independent insurance agency translates to working on behalf of their members to vet insurance industry vendors who offer solutions to make life easier for agency owners. Not only do they make a careful and critical evaluation of the vendors they choose to partner with, but they also work out special offers so their members can experience real value as they build out their agency resources and insurtech stack of solutions.

InsuredMine is one such example of these vetted vendor partnerships with a special offer. If you would like to know more about our offer for IAOA members, please first book a demo with us to see if we are the right vendor to partner with for your agency. Who knows, there might be a better sales, marketing, automation, analytics, and mobile CRM solution for you out there, but we doubt it. 😉 

You can schedule that time here:

If you will be at IAOA this week, I would love to talk with you. I’ll even offer you a trade. Sign up for a demo above, then email me for a free 30 minute marketing analysis. I’m happy to look over or talk about any campaigns, materials, social media, ads, marketing org. structure, or any other aspect of marketing you’d like a professional’s 2nd opinion about.

My email address is


Here are the conference details in case the website is down for some reason, or you’re just here for that. 🙂 

What: IAOA Innovation Tampa Bay 2021 Conference

Where: JW Marriott Water Street, Tampa, Florida

About the venue: “Tampa Marriott Water Street is a 326-foot high rise hotel in Tampa, Florida near the Tampa Convention Center It was completed in 2000 and has 27 floors with 750 rooms and 50,000 square feet of meeting space. It is the city’s largest hotel and the 13th tallest in Tampa.” – Wikipedia



, What is the IAOA Innovation 2021 Conference?


, What is the IAOA Innovation 2021 Conference?

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