InsuredMine Launches Mobile App

InsuredMine is excited to announce the rolling out of their new mobile app to make it easier for the mobile enthusiasts.  The app has been successfully tested in beta and will be made available for download through the app stores for android platforms beginning January 17, 2018.
The team is confident that this mobile app will transform the way insurance customers manage, purchase and organize their multiple policies on a single dashboard.  While there are other primitive apps for insurance management available, the app from InsuredMine is

The Need for Insurance Management

A place for everything and everything in its place!
Whether we are dealing with personal or professional belongings, organizing is not only about perfection; it is about efficiency, decluttering, improving quality, and most importantly, making the most of our valuable resources – time and money.  At InsuredMine, the terms ‘organizing’ and ‘managing’ mean the same.  With our relentless drive to constantly improve insurance management, we strive for progress and not just perfection.  That is why we

Free Insurances Offered by your Credit Cards

Most people use credit cards for the ease and convenience they offer as replacement for carrying cash around for their purchases and other financial transactions.  Almost all credit cards also award points for their use, which can be later redeemed for travel, purchases or other perks.  But, in addition to accumulating and redeeming points, did you also know that some credit cards offer perks that can cover you during life’s little emergencies?  Yes, a number of credit cards offer several protections

Travel Safety During the Holidays

One of my favorite quotes is “it’s rude to keep vacation waiting.”
Whether it is for the holidays or just a sudden urge to go somewhere, I always have my bags packed and feet in my shoes ready to take off.  Given my love of travel, it is inherent to my nature to make sure all my trips are easy, safe, and manageable.  How do I do it?  I’ll share my well mastered tips right here, so read on.
Travel safety tips

If you are taking a road trip, make sure your vehicle is in good condition.
Pack an

Refresh Insurance ... Press Insurtech

It is said that extinction is the rule and survival is the exception!
But when it comes to the dinosaurs of the insurance industry, you can’t help but wonder about what it is that makes them so resistant to extinction, even though nothing about them has changed for about a century.  Have they adapted so exceptionally well or did modern day economics fail to penetrate them through technology, process, or people?  This also deepens the curiosity when you notice that the average age of top 45 insurance companies on the