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Restrict Pipeline Access

In this article, you will learn: How to restrict the Pipeline Access? Presenting a clear and relevant view of the data to the agents helps

Add files

There are several ways to add files into a deal card. Option 1: Just grab your file and drop it in the Pipeline timeline of

Shared Pipeline

Shared Pipeline is designed to allow full staff access to the pipeline. Thus, all the deals in the Shared Pipeline will be visible/accessible to all

Ringless voicemail

In this article, you will learn: To setup integrations: How to send Ringless voicemail drop messages manually How to send voicedrop via Workflow To track

Change pipelines in Dealcharts

Multiple deal charts help in faster analytics. Maybe you might want to see deal charts for more than one pipeline. Earlier It took longer to

Copy or Move Dealcards

In this article, you will learn: Copy Deal card to another pipeline stage Copy Deal card without the Events data Move a deal card to

Action icon – add task

How does add task action work inside a deal card? You can add tasks to all of your deals to help keep you on track. 

Generic filters

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