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Ringless voicemail

Slybroadcast Integration

InsuredMine has integrated with Slybroadcast for Ringless voicemail drop messages. You can now send voicemail to your clients from the InsuredMine portal. Slyboard voice drop can be sent from various modules.

NoteUsers need to have Slybroadcast credentials to access this feature. To assign Ringless voicemail drop messages, users need to log in with Slybroadcast credentials.

To setup integrations:

  • Navigate to settings (As Admin)
  • Scroll down and click on Voicemail drop (Slybroadcast)

  • Enter the email and password and click on connect to enable the feature.

How to send Ringless voicemail drop messages manually

Once you log in, you can have the option to send a voice drop manually from the global add icon at the top.

  • Click on Global add icon
  • Click on Send voicemail drop
  • A window will open where you need to search the contact name and select it, the name and contact number will get auto-filled.
  • Select the audio file that you want to send (the audio files are pre-saved in Slybroadcast dashboard)
  • The caller ID will reflect the agents who are sending voicemail drop (by default)/ or you can also put any other caller ID.
  • Click on the Transaction Dashboard to see the Slybroadcast transaction history. In the transaction history one can see the Status, Contact name, phone number, order ID, Audio Name, Created date and time and the type.

Note: If you set Voicemail drop via Automation… then the type will show as Automation instead of Manual.

  • One can also see the voice drop history from the Contact 360 section. 
  • Click on the contact to view the contact 360.
  • Click on communications
  • Click on voice drop to see the timeline.

To track the voicedrop workflow:

  • Click on track
  • Click on Voice drop
  • You will find the detailed tracking data

How to send voicedrop via Pipeline?

  • Navigate to Pipelines
  • Open a dealcard
  • On the right side in the quick action section you will find the voice drop option.
  • Click on it, a window will open to send the voice drop.
  • Fill in the details, and click on send.