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Release Notes- October 2021

In this article you will learn:

9th October Release

Click blue timing links to open video in new tab, or slide the above red video progress bar to your desired time.
1. Engagement: How to Stop and Restart Campaign - 0m13s
2. User Settings: Lead Source and Download Reports Access Restrict - 1m42s
3. User Settings: MFA Integration - 2m35s 
4. Contacts: Contact Upload with Multiple Agents - 4m30s 
5. Pipelines: Admin Access: Deal Activity Effort by Individual Agents - 5m56s
6. Pipelines: Win Probability Percentage in Deal Stages and Deal Chart - 7m22s 
7. Pipelines: Pipeline Cloning - 8m25s 
8. Reports: Filter by Policy Status in Book of Business Report (AMS360 only at this time) - 9m19s 
9. Integration: QuoteRush credentials handling for the agents - 10m39s



23rd October Release

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