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Pre Data Setup Activities: 101

Get started before getting started:

We understand how difficult it is to wait once you have made your decision with InsuredMine. Mentioned below is a list of activities that you can get started while the InsuredMine onboarding team is wrapping up other onboarding activities and data sync up.

  1. Forms –  Create or review all the forms you need
  2. Templates – Create or review all the templates you need
  3. SCD – Create all SCD flows (email sequence) for all specific cases
  4. Add Pipeline & Stages – Create all the pipeline and respective stages
  5. Forwarding email – Add forwarding email to all your pipelines as needed
  6. Pipeline Automation & Settings – setup all automation and settings
  7. Contact Automation – complete setup so it fires off scheduled communications.
  8. Label/Lead Source – Create a list of lead/referral sources to categorize all leads.
  9. Zapier Integration – If you plan to use zapier, build your zaps.
  10. Work Email – connect your work email to get the most out of it.
  11. Checklist – Create your checklists that you can apply to deals at different stages.
  12. Referral links – review your referral link to use with your signature.
  13. Website buttons – Iframe – connect with your website co. to get the iframe setup
  14. Client Pulse -set up google place id to get started with Google review
  15. Lost reasons – build-up list for lost reasons
  16. Integrations
    1. – Interested to send handwritten postcards? Sign up for
    2. Tranzpay – Get your clients to pay agency bills and other transaction on app
    3. Phone – LS/RC – Request setup for your lightspeed integration.

Once you get closer to wrapping up these activities, it is time to connect with the training team if they have not reached out to you already.

Further reading – How to start using INSUREDMINE

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