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Integrate AMS360 with InsuredMine

The integration between InsuredMine and AMS360 facilitates seamless data sync and enhances data sharing between the two platforms.
Sync Options: InsuredMine and AMS360 feature a two-way sync for Account, Contact, Policy, and Task data. However, activities like Email, Text, Email Campaign, Text Campaign, Notes, Files, and E-signature exhibit a one-way sync from InsuredMine to AMS360. In addition, dependents in AMS360 are also synced with InsuredMine.
What it does: InsuredMine and AMS360 bring efficiency and coherence to insurance agency operations by streamlining 2-way data sync and enhancing workflow automation.


By syncing contacts, policies, and activities, the integration eliminates manual data entry, saving time and reducing errors. Agents can seamlessly collaborate and access info from InsuredMine and AMS360.


Configuration: Agencies need to configure the integration settings and set up the sync process between InsuredMine and AMS360 manually or automatically.
Setup: Configuring setup in AMS360 is required to ensure seamless sync of actions performed in InsuredMine with AMS360.

How to connect AMS360 with InsuredMine?

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