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Integrate Canopy Connect with InsuredMine

Now with Canopy integrated into InsuredMine, you can effortlessly access and review all your insurance specifics. This includes your premiums, coverage limits, what your policy covers, deductibles, and other vital information, whether it’s for personal or commercial insurance.
What it does: Easily access information such as premiums, coverage limits, deductibles, and other pertinent policy details.


Enhanced Decision Making: Access to detailed policy information and quotes facilitates informed decision-making.
Automated Updates: Automatically updates X-dates and deal cards, saving time and effort for insurance professionals.


Canopy Connect Account: Users need to have a Canopy Connect account to establish integration.
API Keys: Obtain Team ID, Client ID, and Client Secret ID from Canopy Connect.
Authentication: Input the obtained API keys to authenticate the integration.
Access Permissions: Ensure necessary access permissions within Canopy Connect to retrieve policies and access API keys.

How to connect Canopy Connect with InsuredMine?

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