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Integrate Turborater with InsuredMine

The Turborater and InsuredMine integration allows for easy syncing of form responses from the Turborater auto-form template to Turborater CRM. Users can edit the template in InsuredMine, sync responses, and access them in Turborater with login details.
What it does:
TurboRater integrates with InsuredMine for streamlined quoting, client management, and enhanced insurance agency efficiency.


Centralized Data Management: The integration ensures that responses to Turborater forms are centrally stored in the Turborater CRM, facilitating easy access and management of data.
Enhanced Productivity: By automating the syncing process, users save time and effort, leading to increased efficiency in handling form responses.


To integrate TurboRater with InsuredMine, you’ll need an integration key and account name. Please contact the TurboRater support team to obtain these.

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