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Integrate RingCentral with InsuredMine

The RingCentral + InsuredMine integration offers an all-in-one solution for insurance agencies looking to streamline their communication and client management processes. This integration combines the smart telephony tool, RingCentral, with InsuredMine’s insurance CRM platform, providing a centralized hub for agency communication, sales, engagement, analytics, and mobility.
What it does:
The RingCentral and InsuredMine integration makes insurance agency work easier by combining communication, sales, engagement, analytics, and mobility into one easy-to-use platform.


Centralized Communication Hub: InsuredMine’s integration with RingCentral consolidates all agency communication calls, texts, and emails into one platform, eliminating the need for multiple software.
Automated Call Logging: RingCentral automatically logs calls in the CRM system, streamlining sales workflow and ensuring accurate tracking of client interactions.
Integrated Automation Technology:With RingCentral integration, smart calling tools enhance sales reps’ ability to engage with prospects by enabling call recording, accessing records, and browsing client contact information during calls.


RingCentral Account: To utilize the smart telephony tools provided by RingCentral, an active RingCentral account is required.
InsuredMine User: Access to InsuredMine’s CRM platform and its features requires a valid InsuredMine subscription.

How to connect RingCentral with InsuredMine?

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