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Integrate EZYlnx with InsuredMine

Enjoy easy data management with two-way sync between IM and EZLYNX. Keep everything updated as account contacts, policies, and quotes seamlessly sync across both platforms.
What it does:
The integration between EZYlnx and InsuredMine sync accounts, contacts, and quotes bidirectionally, streamlining data management for increased efficiency, improved collaboration, and a better customer experience.


With automated syncing capabilities, users can save time and effort that would otherwise be spent on manual data entry or sync tasks. This allows them to focus on more crucial aspects of their workflow, ultimately enhancing overall efficiency.


Active Accounts: Users must have active accounts on both EZYlnx and InsuredMine platforms to initiate the integration process.<br Permissions: Users may need appropriate permissions or access rights within both platforms to set up and configure the integration effectively.
Compatibility: Ensure that the versions of EZYlnx and InsuredMine being used are compatible with each other for smooth integration and functionality.

How to Sync Your Ezlynx Book?

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