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Integrate HawkSoft with InsuredMine

InsuredMine easily integrates with HawkSoft, empowering insurance agencies with well-integrated and multi-functional CRM software alongside their existing Agency Management System. This integration enables agencies to effortlessly connect with clients, track sales, and streamline workflows.
Sync Options: The integration between InsuredMine and HawkSoft allows for a one-directional sync for certain data between the two platforms. From HawkSoft to InsuredMine, accounts, contacts, and policies are synced. But from InsuredMine to HawkSoft, various activities such as emails, call logs, SMS messages, notes, files, e-signatures, tasks, and calendar activities can be synced into logs associated with contacts or accounts within HawkSoft.
What It Does:
InsuredMine easily connects with HawkSoft, facilitating effortless data sync and enhancing agency operations.


Easily sync data between HawkSoft and InsuredMine, reducing manual entry and streamlining workflows for increased productivity.
Insightful Analytics: Provides a comprehensive view of client data, empowering agencies to make informed decisions and identify sales opportunities.


Active Accounts: Ensure you have active login accounts with HawkSoft and InsuredMine.
API Access: Verify and configure API access for HawkSoft and InsuredMine.
Permissions: Obtain necessary permissions within both platforms to set up and manage integrations effectively.
Sync: Manual or auto-sync will occur from InsuredMine to HawkSoft, but from HawkSoft to IM the data will sync through daily AMS sync or automatic cron.

How to connect HawkSoft with InsuredMine?

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