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Integrate Tranzpay with InsuredMine

Tranzpay is a cross-border payment platform that can be integrated with InsuredMine, a comprehensive insurance CRM system. This integration enables insurance agencies to collect payments securely and efficiently, saving time and resources while providing a better experience for policyholders.
What it does: Tranzpay lets you handle payments right within the InsuredMine platform. This means agencies can manage clients, policies, and payments all in one spot. Your consumers can pay however they want, and everything syncs up automatically between Tranzpay and InsuredMine. It’s like having a smooth, hassle-free system for managing all aspects of payment in insurance agency work.


Efficient payment processing: By integrating Tranzpay with InsuredMine, agencies can save time and resources by reducing the need for manual data entry and minimizing errors.
Improved policyholder experience: The integration provides policyholders with a convenient and efficient way to pay policy premiums, enhancing their overall experience with the agency.
Seamless sales and marketing automation: The integration with Tranzpay creates a seamless sales and marketing automation experience for customers using both platforms, further enhancing the agency’s efficiency and effectiveness.


You must have a valid account with Tranzpay to integrate with InsuredMine. For this, please reach out to the Tranzpay support team to get your login credentials today.

How to connect Tranzpay with InsuredMine?

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