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Integrate Lightspeed Voice with InsuredMine

The integration of Lightspeed Voice and Insuredmine enables a seamless communication experience for insurance agents. With this integration, agents can make and receive calls directly from the Insuredmine platform. The integration also provides quick access to client information during calls, call recording with a link stored in notes on Insuredmine, and direct outbound calling from Insuredmine through cloud communication services.
What it does: Lightspeed Voice and Insuredmine integration offers seamless agent communication, enabling calls within Insuredmine, quick access to client info, and call recording.


Efficient Communication: Agents can make and receive calls directly from the Insuredmine platform, streamlining their workflow and improving communication efficiency.


You need to have a valid username and password for Lightspeed Voice. Please reach out to the Lightspeed support team to get your user credentials today.

How to connect Lightspeed Voice with InsuredMine?

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