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Integrate Evo with InsuredMine

InsuredMine’s integration with Evo redefines data collaboration. This seamless two-way connection ensures vital information syncs between the platforms, enhancing operational efficiency.
Sync Options:
Contact facilitates two-way sync from IM to Evo and Evo to IM respectively, while Policy operates strictly one-way from Evo to IM. Meanwhile, Activity syncs exclusively from IM to Evo. What it does:
The Evo and InsuredMine integration syncs contacts, activities, and policies, facilitating seamless collaboration, efficiency, improved service, informed decision-making, and scalability for insurance professionals.


The Evo and InsuredMine integration streamlines operations, enhances data integrity, improves service, enables informed decisions, and supports agile growth for insurance agencies.


Active Subscriptions: Users must have active subscriptions for both Evo and InsuredMine to access the integration features.
Compatible Versions: Ensure that the versions of Evo and InsuredMine being used are compatible with each other to enable seamless integration
Configuration Settings: Users may need to configure certain settings within both platforms to facilitate data syncing and ensure compatibility.

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