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Integrate PL Rater with InsuredMine

The integration between PL Rater and InsuredMine streamlines the process of obtaining and managing insurance quotes, enhancing efficiency and productivity for insurance agents. PL Rater is a real-time, comparative rater that empowers agents to quickly generate quotes from multiple carriers, facilitating the growth of their personal line business. When integrated with InsuredMine, this functionality is further optimized, offering several benefits and requiring specific steps for seamless operation.
What it does:
Agents ensure accuracy by making necessary edits to PL Rater forms within InsuredMine before submission


Efficiency: Agents can close business quicker by easily accessing and comparing quotes from various carriers within PL Rater.
Enhanced Customer Service: With quick access to multiple quotes, agents can provide clients with more options and personalized recommendations.


To integrate PL Rater with InsuredMine, you must have an Account ID, User ID, and password. Please contact the PL Rating support team to obtain these credentials.

How to connect PL Rater with InsuredMine?

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