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Integrate Benefit Point with InsuredMine

InsuredMine and Benefit Point work together smoothly. When you add info in one, it shows up in the other via automatic sync. You can sync contacts, accounts, and policies easily without any hassle, making things faster and smoother for everyone.
Sync Options:
What it does:
The integration between InsuredMine and Benefit Point enhances insurance sales and client engagement by facilitating seamless policy sync. This integration enables a one-way sync between the two platforms, ensuring that any account, contact, and policy data uploaded in Benefit Point reflects in InsuredMine and vice versa.


Enhanced Efficiency: Streamlines the process of managing account, contact, and policy information by automating sync between Benefit Point and InsuredMine.
Improved Client Experience: Provides clients with up-to-date and accurate policy information across both platforms, enhancing satisfaction and trust.
Real-time Updates: Enables real-time syncing of policy data from InsuredMine to Benefit Point, ensuring immediate access to the latest information.


Benefit Point Account: Users must have an active account on Benefit Point to leverage the integration.
InsuredMine Account: Access to an InsuredMine account is necessary to utilize the enhanced features offered through the integration.
Information Input: Users need to input specific details such as account, contact, policy name, revenue status, and premium paid frequency when syncing policies between Benefit Point and InsuredMine.

How to connect Benefit Point with InsuredMine?

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