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Integrate Google My Business with InsuredMine

The integration of Google My Business with InsuredMine facilitates the seamless access and management of Google Reviews within the InsuredMine portal. By linking your Google My Business account to InsuredMine, agencies can effortlessly handle reviews from various operational offices or locations.
What it does:
Connects Google My Business to InsuredMine for easy review management, boosting customer engagement and insights.


Improved Customer Service: Businesses can enhance customer service by efficiently tracking interactions and promptly responding to reviews directly from the InsuredMine portal.
Valuable Business Insights: Access to Google Reviews data within InsuredMine provides valuable insights that can inform business improvement strategies and decision-making processes..


Correct Google Account Connection: Integration requires connecting the appropriate Google account associated with Google My Business to InsuredMine.
Default Locations Setup: Businesses must set default locations for reviews to ensure accurate management and association of reviews with specific offices or locations.

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