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Integrate Nowcerts with InsuredMine

Sync Options: The integration between NowCerts and InsuredMine supports a two-way sync for an account, contact, policy, Notes, Files, and task data. However, activities such as Email, Text, Email Campaign, Text Campaign, and E-signature exhibit a one-way sync from InsuredMine to NowCerts.
What it does:
Supports two-way sync for essential data and one-way sync for activities like email and campaigns.


Real-time data sync, and increased productivity.


Active Accounts: Ensure you have active accounts with NowCerts and InsuredMine.
API Access: Verify and configure API access for NowCerts and InsuredMine.
Permissions: Obtain necessary permissions within both platforms to set up and manage integrations effectively.

How to connect NowCerts with InsuredMine?

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