The more tools you have, the more efficiently you work. Gear up with Insuredmine’s additional functionality that helps you integrate with your existing AMS (Agency Management System) or other desired software to make your work better and quicker. 


Light Speed

Call clients anytime, anywhere from any device with the advantage of integrated automation technology. Touch base on client calling with the smart calling tool, powered by Lightspeed on the Insuredmine platform. This technology supports call recording, reviewing the past records of every prospect without any phone installation. You can also browse client information in the middle of an ongoing call. 


The cloud-based phone system of extensive communication gets connected to your CRM through RingCentral. The way to manually make calls and record logs is too old fashioned. Ring central is the smart telephony tool where sales reps can take notes, connect, accept and log calls straightaway. Automatic logging feature and click to call tool, empower sales groups to optimize connection with prospects, trace calls and keep up with their commitments.


Tranzpay, a digital payment platform allows you to accept payments effortlessly. Insuredmine’s integration with Tranzpay makes it convenient for customers and their users to manage payment seamlessly. Insurance is a subscription-based service requiring recurring payment deposits. Instead of sending reminders for payments and to request cheques you can directly send a link for payment. This also helps you to build an online reputation for providing a secure and easily accessible mode of payment.


Engage customers any way they wish to connect with you. Twilio fosters communication through various channels such as text messages, emails, phone calls, and chatbots, functioning together in sync with the Insuredmine platform and your agency management system.


Zapier the super productivity solution helps you instantly connect your daily use apps with Insuredmine. It delivers an efficient working experience without involving too much coding. You can incorporate apps like Facebook, Gmail, Trello, LinkedIn, etc.

QQ Catalyst

QQ Catalyst is an Agency Management System for Independent insurance agents offering cloud-based services in the United States. Its real-time integration with Insuredmine cuts the back and forth of switching into multiple software for prospect updates. The 2-way leads and contacts sync helps you in eliminating import and export process for every time a contact is uploaded in the agency management system. Speeding your sales process, team collaboration, task and pipeline alignment, the goal management is breezy smooth with this solution. 

AMS 360

Large amounts of data is dealt on a regular basis in the property and casualty insurance business. Accurately maintaining the contact information without duplication is important for the agency. Keeping track of the changes in the dynamic environment is tough with a huge data set. Integration of Insuredmine with AMS 360 helps to sort data, retrieve the required information without redundancy, reduces the manual entry of information, automate sales processes, faster policy assessment and much more. Improve client retention and enhance productivity with collaboration advantages of these technologies.


NowCerts, an Insurance agency management system linked with Insuredmine intuitive and intelligent capabilities helps present the data story in an uncomplicated and simple view with extensive web-based services. You can benefit by providing a comprehensive digital insurance experience to the clients and core users on an affordable platform. Making sales and marketing tools viable, automated, and easy to learn has been a part of the integration design strategy. The realtime 2-way sync up for contact uploads, automated engagement campaigns and analytics, on-the-go access to the information keeps the team and the users happy.