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Release Notes – Jan 2021

Jan 30th Release

  1. Integration – Quoterush Integration
  2. Agency folder for the templates (E)
  3. Work Email – Archive emails (E)
  4. Task templates
  5. Business name tag in email and texts (E)
  6. Adjustable column in table views (E)
  7. Adding policy-related tags in pipeline automation (E)
  8. All contacts filter in 2nd stage and onward in email campaigns (E)
  9. Contact Update Form- Profile Logs (E)
  10. 8 New Readymade Form Templates (E)
  11. ‘Previously Shared’ Feature– FormsTagsLabels in Dealcards (E)
  12. Change Default Signature (E)
  13. Assigning Primary Agent (E)
  14. Assignee for Pipeline Automation (E)
  15. Work email Tracking (E)
  16. Nowcerts- Multiple Coverages handling in Policy- Agent & Client Portal
  17. Tranzpay,, Voice Drop- Connect in Admin for all
  18. Summary before starting the automation (Auto Start)

Jan 16th Release

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