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What’s New in 2021?

March Release February Release January Release

  1. Automation – Restrict checklist in Automation (E)
  2. Automation – Automation changes for add / won / lost deal
  3. Automation – Rearrange automation stages/ SCD stages by drag and drop (E)
  4. Notifications – Desktop Notification for new email in your work email (E)
  5. Contact 360 – Unit and Suite no. for address fields (E)
  6. Email Tracking – Open tracking in the deal card, account 360, or contact 360
  7. Deal Card – Copy Deal card without the Events data (E)
  8. Google Review – Pagination (Page numbering) in Google Reviews (E)
  9. Google Review – Setting Default Location for Google reviews (E)
  10. Form template – Contact‌ ‌Us‌ ‌Form‌ ‌Template‌ (E)
  11. AMS Sync – Merge Contacts for AMS synced
  12. Call – (Beta) Drag & Drop feature of the Calling Popup (E)
  13. Tags – Deal card Tag in Email Reminder (Trigger- Automation, SCD)
  14. AMS Integration – Connecting to integrated AMS through InsuredMine Portal
  15. Report- Deals by Carrier- Report
  16. Policies-How to update Agent’s name for Active Policy? (E)
  17. Accounts & Contact-Remove or Update Accounts from Contact 360 (E)
  18. Deal Card- PolicyTags while Add‌ing a ‌Deal‌ ‌Card‌ (E)
  19. EngagementMapping email to existing deal card
  20. Contact- Future-Scheduled Workflow Email for Contact
  21. Calendar- Email Notification for New Calendar Event (E)
  22. Integration- PL Rater  Form
  23. Calendar- Connect other Calendars (E)
  24. Engagement- Add files in templates email and text (E)
  25. Engagement- Lead Source- Email and Phone Tags.
  26. Accounts & Contact Architecture- New fields added for Commercial Account (E)
  27. Reports & Analytics- Date Filters. (E)
  28. Engagement- Calling Feature Improvement (E)
  29. Engagement- X-date trigger in Custom Workflow (E)
  30. Tasklist- Tasklist Enhancements- Multiple assignees, Attach files, and task information. (E)

February Release

  1. Pipeline  Stage Change Restriction if checklist not completed
  2. Pipeline – Deal cards events Notification handling – Subscription
  3. Google Review –Upgrade- Google My Business OAuth and Reviews
  4. Settings – User Management- Process to Add, Edit, Delete or Remap Agent
  5. Calendar – Other Events Markup (E)
  6. Policy – Future Policy in ReportsContact 360Account 360 (E)
  7. Tag – Nickname and Salutation tag (E)
  8. Data – upload via excelContactand create list (E)
  9. Carrier – Auto-merging of carriers and undo merge in the carrier section (E)
  10. Categories – Merge and undo merge in categories section (E)
  11. Contact- Send document via email form contact-360 (E)
  12. Policy Renewal Automation– Carrier tag (E)
  13. Account 360- Select Column Table (E)
  14. Work Email Contact – Add Contact (E)
  15. Tranzpay – Date Filter Data in Tranzpay dashboard(E)
  16. Call – Twilio Voice Mail
  17. Pipeline – Manage multiple LOB in a Deal Card
  18. General – Shortcuts for quick Action
  19. Pipeline Settings- Goal Setting for a broker fee (E)
  20. Pipeline Settings- Goal settings (activity)-notes, calls, tasks, emails
  21. Notification- Daily Recap- Email Notification and Subscription– Agent Wise and Pipeline (E)
  22. Pipeline- Policy data if the deal card is created for an active client 
  23. Engagement- Campaign from the agent mapped to contact (E)(Exclusively for AMS 360 users)
  24. Automation- Retention pipeline setting to mark the card as won/archive in case of prior policy (E)
  25. Integrations- Promo Referral Link for Sign up in Setting- and Voicedrop (E)
  26. Filters in workflow automation
  27. New Policy trigger in custom automation
  28. Text Template 
  29. Setting the day count for the reminder and reopening on losing a deal.
  30. Mark Checklist Mandatory while Import

January Release

  1. Integration – Quoterush Integration
  2. Agency folder for the templates (E)
  3. Work Email – Archive emails (E)
  4. Task templates
  5. Business name tag in email and texts (E)
  6. Adjustable column in table views (E)
  7. Adding policy-related tags in pipeline automation (E)
  8. All contacts filter in 2nd stage and onward in email campaigns (E)
  9. Contact Update Form- Profile Logs (E)
  10. 8 New Readymade Form Templates (E)
  11. ‘Previously Shared’ Feature– FormsTagsLabels in Dealcards (E)
  12. Change Default Signature (E)
  13. Assigning Primary Agent (E)
  14. Assignee for Pipeline Automation (E)
  15. Work email Tracking (E)
  16. Nowcerts- Multiple Coverages handling in Policy- Agent & Client Portal
  17. Tranzpay,, Voice Drop- Connect in Admin for all
  18. Summary before starting the automation (Auto Start)
  19. Contacts – Enhancements (E)
  20. Integration – Ringless voicemail
  21. Website Widgets – Custom Form Lists (E)
  22. Pipeline –Auto Archive deal cards after trigger date (E)
  23. Texting – Open/Close Chat
  24. Texting – Assign Agent
  25. Carrier – Add category and carrier (E)
  26. Accounts- Accounts changes
  27. Email Templates – Search in Template while creating email
  28. Template Builder – Additional tags in Template Builder
  29. Forms – No Pipeline create Option
  30. Forms – Update Contact info via Custom Form
  31. Contact – Merge Contact Update
  32. Policy – Life Insurance Policy with an Anniversary date
  33. Title in the Browser Tab
  34. Tranzpay: Payment Analytics (E)
  35. Multiple selection and action (E)
  36. Merging carriers- Enhancement (E)
  37. Auto-saving of personal or commercial deal type (E)
  38. Auto-saving of Work Email Draft (E)
  39. Sync up of account and contacts between InsuredMine and AMS 360 (E)
  40. Sync up of account and contacts between InsuredMine and QQ Catalyst (E)
  41. Save private and shared selection in Pipeline (E)
  42. Pipeline – Pipeline Automation
  43. Pipeline – Deal Health Report
  44. Forms – Create Custom Forms
  45. Call – Dialpad- Ongoing call
  46. Automation – Cross-Sell Automation for specific carriers – (E)
  47. Automation – Cross-Sell Automation And/Or Policy Category (E)
  48. Contacts – Warning on deleting contacts
  49. Contacts – Custom data upload in CSV upload (E)
  50. Contacts – Full Contact in Contact 360 and Pipeline
  51. Reviews – Clients can provide Google Reviews directly from the email (E)
  52. Data – View each custom fields individually in the directory
  53. Task List – Task Due date filer, Due Time, completed date (E)

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